Bunny Bag

pink bag 1.jpg
pink bag 1.jpg

Bunny Bag


With it's floppy ears, this bunny zip top is the perfect way (and cutest) to carry your favourite bits and bobs around. Not just for the kids!

The silver metallic option is so shimmery but hard to capture in a photo but trust us it's a winner. 

If you'd like your bunny zip top to have straps to attach to a scooter please get in touch!


All items are handmade so slight variations may occur.

Please see below for more details.

If purchasing please note the image on the following pages is not representative of the item you are buying however the name is.

Outer Colour:
Lining & inner ear:
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Made from cotton linen/ cotton linen lurex blend (dependant on colour option) with a hand stitched black nose and whiskers and appliquéd felt eyes.

It has a soft internal padding and is fully lined with a cotton lining which match the inside of the floppy ears. Zip tape colour is light grey on all colour options.

The zip top has a height of 21cm and a width of 21cm. All sizes are close approximations.


See the Carecard page for more information about looking after these items.