Welcome to Made by Skoo's Blog

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my blog.  

Life seems crazy nowadays, there are endless numbers of ways to communicate with you guys and girls through various feeds and blogs all that need updating to keep them active and interesting.  I'm still not quite sure what route I'm going to take to deliver my regular posts and images of new and finished projects, 'interesting' items such as new fabrics that I've found or other creative people that I've come across that I think you might like as well etc.  I might stick with Facebook and Instagram or shift over here, I'm just not sure yet.  

I guess what I'm trying to say is, keep an eye on this blog, I'll let you know if I plan to stick with it or not but for the time being I'll try my best to update via all my current providers while I build up a larger number of followers via this site.

Look forward to writing something a little more interesting.